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Vander Weele Group 

Commitment to Diversity, Equity
& Inclusion


At the Vander Weele Group, we strive to foster an environment that upholds the values of honesty, open communication, ethical integrity, and continuous learning. An essential part of creating this culture is a commitment to diversity and inclusion. By welcoming and appreciating the unique experiences and knowledge each person brings to the table, we demonstrate our compassion and respect for people, our dedication to ethical business practices, and our willingness to learn, grow, and change in ways that benefit both our company and our communities. 

Each of us plays a role in ensuring that all members of the Vander Weele Group community—including staff, clients, and partners—feel welcome, respected, heard, and safe in the spaces for which we are responsible. To achieve this goal, we challenge ourselves to:

•    Approach the world and each other with openness, curiosity, and respect;
•    Reflect on our beliefs and practice being receptive to new ideas;
•    Continuously improve our work and ourselves through thoughtful collaboration;
•    Actively seek out perspectives that are different from our own or which may be overlooked.

By building a culture dedicated to diversity and inclusion, we will be emboldened to speak truthfully, inspired to try new things, and have the freedom to bring our best selves to our work. Together, we will empower all the members of our community to connect, belong, and grow.

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