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Additional Actions Needed to Improve Accountability of Federal COVID-19 Response, Says GAO

The GAO has identified 16 new recommendations in its latest report for improving accountability and program effectiveness of federal COVID-19 response programs, including ways to ensure proper use of relief funds, oversee worker safety and health, and reduce fraud risks.

According to the report, critical change is needed in the following areas:

  • implementing and completing post payment reviews for all Provider Relief Fund payments, and procedures for/completion of recovery of overpayments (Dept. of Health and Human Services)

  • finalizing and documenting of key internal processes and control activities to monitor recipients’ use of their CSLFRF allocations and to respond to internal control and compliance findings (Dept. of Treasury)

  • designate a dedicated entity and document its responsibilities for managing the process of assessing fraud risks to the unemployment insurance program (Dept. of Labor)

To read the full report, visit

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