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Celebrate Head Start Awareness Month!

October is #HeadStartAwarenessMonth! Head Start programs have offered comprehensive support to children and families for over 56 years, including early learning, health, and family well-being services.

At the Vander Weele Group, our Early Intervention and Prevention Initiative monitoring teams are proud to support these programs in Illinois, and the children and families who rely on them.

"We respect the challenging work of birth-to-three programs in Illinois, so we want the grantees and the TAs that support them to have the information needed to maintain the highest quality programming for the children and families they serve," said Laura Abbruzzesse, program manager of the Vander Weele Group's Prevention Initiative Monitoring Program (PI). "Our assessors are constantly working to stay up to date on the tools for monitoring and to make the monitoring process as straightforward, consistent, and accurate as possible. I am honored to collaborate with our team of committed early childhood professionals every single day."

To learn more about the history of Head Start and the services available in your state, visit their website and watch their latest video, Comprehensive Services: The Foundation of Head Start.

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