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We're Hiring! Seeking a Jr. Capture Manager for Sales and Marketing Team

Come join us at the Vander Weele Group! We're seeking applicants for a full time Jr. Capture Manager to support our Sales and Marketing teams. At the Vander Weele Group, we're passionate about making the world better by helping federal grant programs--and the agencies that manage them--excel. We're driven by a desire to make grants oversight and compliance monitoring more meaningful, empowering organizations to better serve grantees and the public. Our employees draw on years of experience as program managers and compliance officers to bridge the gap between grantees and state agencies, and between state-operated programs and the federal agencies that fund them. The Vander Weele Group is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Jr. Capture Manager

We're looking for a highly motivated and energetic Jr. Capture Manager to identify and capture new business opportunities and support the sales and marketing departments. This position will be responsible for researching and understanding client needs and goals, determining if the opportunity is a good fit for the Vander Weele Group, evaluating likely competitors, defining win strategies and advantages, and possibly developing pricing. In addition, the Jr. Capture Manager will create a calendar of future potential engagements, collect and analyze data from various online grants databases, participate in lead generation, and assist with a variety of other projects that will support and provide direction for our business development efforts.

To read the full job description and apply for the position, visit:

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