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Grants Management

The Vander Weele Group offers a powerful, nationwide expertise in building end-to-end grants management programs. Our carefully crafted methodologies—derived from extensive experience in managing and providing oversight to large-scale programs—support financial compliance, promote programmatic fidelity, and curtail integrity breaches. Our team of grant experts collectively have decades of experience in working with every aspect of managing and providing oversight to large-scale grants programs.

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What We Do

•    Strategic Planning and Stakeholder Facilitation
•    Training on Regulatory Frameworks and Allowable
      Uses of Funds
•    Grant Application Processes and Administration
•    Funds Management Policies and Procedures
•    Subrecipient Monitoring
•    Prevention of Waste, Fraud and Abuse
•    Federal and State Reporting

How to Select a
Grants Management Firm

Due to an increase in funding, reduction in your hiring budget, a change in staffing, lack of expertise, or simply lack of time, you've made the decision to outsource your grants management. How do you evaluate grants management firms to select the best option for your agency and its needs? Click the button below to review eight points to consider before hiring a grants management firm.

In a Meeting
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