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Making Monitoring Meaningful

What is Meaningful Monitoring?

Learn more about our unique approach to grants oversight.

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Why Should You Call Us?

1. We know the law.

Our success depends on deep analysis and current knowledge of federal and state regulatory guidance.

2. We’re experts in the fields we serve.

We hire skilled professionals with firsthand experience in the fields they cover.

3. We’re impartial.

As outsider observers, we’re incentivized to provide you with only objective, defensible, meaningful information.

4. We take a comprehensive approach to our work.

We draw on expertise from multiple professions: accounting, education, social services, and more. We offer a full spectrum of monitoring services, as well as cradle-to-grave grants management.

5. We strive to make oversight meaningful.

We believe that oversight should not be punitive, but a meaningful process that improves both program compliance AND quality.

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Review Our Work

The Vander Weele Group provides turn-key oversight and compliance solutions for federal, state, and local grant programs.

To learn how we can help meet your subrecipient monitoring, training, and technical assistance needs,

review our service menu and check out our past work or click the links below.

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What Our Clients Say

"Each year, the Vander Weele Group has effectively met or exceeded its monitoring goals on time and within budget. The team has become a true partner, delivering more than monitoring services. They have made significant contributions to enhanced accountability and improved child outcomes in Early Intervention.

I heartily recommend the Vander Weele Group as a competent, caring, and professional organization."

Why Should You Engage a
Grants Oversight Firm?

Access specialized expertise it takes years to build

Retool or build new

oversight programs quickly

Access logistical support and technical tools; benefit from fresh insight based on national trends

Spend less time on day-to-day management and more time on big-picture implementation

Avoid delays caused by government hiring processes

Avoid pension, onboarding, and offboarding costs

"I got into this business to make a difference. For years, I watched colleagues and friends bend over backwards to run their programs ethically, efficiently, and thoughtfully, despite being under-staffed and under-resourced, only to have an auditor come in and bury them in findings, some of which weren't legally supported.

A good grants oversight program shouldn't be punitive; it should make it easier for agencies and organizations to fulfill their missions and serve their communities. If you think of an audit as a visit to the emergency room, grants oversight is the preventative medicine that keeps you from having to go there.

At the Vander Weele Group, we're passionate about our work and our clients because we share their vision of making the world better."

-- Maribeth Vander Weele, President

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