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How Buttoned Up Is Your Grants Monitoring?

How buttoned up is your grants monitoring program? With ARPA funding on the way, it's important to know.

Each year, grant-funded programs around the country are subject to audit findings because of incomplete or inadequate monitoring programs. Failed audits can be costly and damaging to stakeholder trust, agency reputations, and employee morale. To help evaluate your readiness to monitor federal funds, the Vander Weele Group has launched a short quiz:

As a niche firm specializing in grants oversight, the Vander Weele Group provides turn-key monitoring programs in fiscal and programmatic monitoring. Our quiz is grounded in federal regulatory guidance and in a specialized analysis of 144 findings from auditors and Inspectors General who studied monitoring programs nationwide. To learn more about how the Vander Weele Group can help supercharge your monitoring program, download our Capabilities Statement and review our Past Work.


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