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Forensic Analysis

Closeup of financial graphs and trend charts.

Data Analysis

Data, ranging from accounts payable to credit card expenditures, can be used to identify suspicious patterns suggesting fictitious invoices, ghost payrollers, excessive credit card spending or improper payments. We undertake the process from start to finish, including trend analysis and investigating the underlying reasons for the problematic outliers.

Intensive Reviews

Left unaddressed, allegations of malfeasance and wasted resources undermine stakeholder confidence, workforce morale, and your organization’s strategic mission. At the Vander Weele Group, we draw on decades of experience to expertly sort through facts and report findings in objective and meticulously documented reports. Our work is augmented by a rich knowledge of forensic accounting and business. We investigate embezzlements, payroll fraud, insider dealing, kickbacks, diversion of product to the black market, product substitution, EEOC violations, and other matters involving employee and vendor misconduct.

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