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Fiscal Monitoring

At the Vander Weele Group, we believe monitoring presents opportunities to identify gaps between a system’s plan as envisioned and how it is implemented. The process provides critical information about front-line weaknesses that informs policy, training, and technical assistance to clients.

Forensic Analysis

Each year, U.S. organizations lose an estimated six percent* of annual revenues to fraud and occupational abuse. When program objectives and taxpayer money are at risk, the Vander Weele Group can help. We provide accurate, thorough, and objective investigations, intelligence gathering, and data analysis.

Kindergarten Classroom

In collaboration with clients, the Vander Weele Group identifies measurable standards in grant applications and the Uniform Guidance, then applies them to assess sub-recipient program operations and performance. Our programmatic and performance monitoring services help ensure that the goals of the grant are being met and met well.

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The Vander Weele Group offers a powerful, nationwide expertise in building end-to-end grants management programs. Our carefully crafted methodologies—derived from extensive experience in managing and providing oversight to large-scale programs—support financial compliance, promote programmatic fidelity, and curtail integrity breaches.

Programmatic Monitoring

Grant Management

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