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Programmatic Monitoring

Whether your grantees provide early childhood services or new firehouses, program oversight plays a critical role in assuring compliance with the law and measuring effectiveness. The Vander Weele Group provides comprehensive programmatic oversight and monitoring services in accordance with the Uniform Guidance, which mandates oversight of Federally funded grant activities and monitoring to ensure that performance expectations are being achieved.


When success is an effective after-school program for one grantee, and a completed utility system for another, designing a subrecipient monitoring program for the non-fiscal elements of a grant can be challenging. It requires thoughtful strategy and subject-matter expertise that focuses on what's most important: ensuring that the objectives of the grant are being met. The best programmatic monitoring designs are supercharged with technical assistance that draws not only on compliance-related standards, but best practices.

At the Vander Weele Group, we're guided by a philosophy we call Meaningful Monitoring, providing strategies for capturing the unique goals of each grant program and measuring success. When Technical Assistance is needed, we provide subject matter expertise, training, and tools to help grantees put their best foot forward and provide effective, legally compliant services to their communities.

Our Current Programs
Toddler with Toys


​The Early Intervention Technical Assistance and Monitoring Program, provided by the Vander Weele Group, LLC. and funded through the Illinois Department of Human Services (IDHS), Bureau of Early Intervention, is designed to improve compliance with state and federal regulations in the delivery of Early Intervention services to infants and toddlers, as indicated by Part C of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), and 89 IL Admin Code 500.65​

Prevention Initiative

The Vander Weele Group's Prevention Initiative Monitoring Program provides compliance oversight for the Early Childhood Block Grant Prevention Initiative. This program--operated by the Illinois State Board of Education's Early Childhood Department--provides intensive, research-based, and comprehensive child development and family support services for expectant parents and families with children from birth to age three. These services help build a strong foundation for learning and prepare children for later school success. 

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